Thoughts on Valentine's Just Gone...

Some weeks ago, Singapore’s weather became a cool relief from the customary heat; for some even a tad too cool. Lassie prefers to stay indoor, sprawling out on the floor and blocking the way to the kitchen, so should you have forgotten Valentine's, you would have had the doghouse all to yourself.

    It can happen, especially when Chinese New Year and Valentines fall close together, it is easy to forget one over the other. I noticed how some of our customers on such occasion, were indecisive whether to give fresh flowers or a preserved bouquet.

    To be sure, fresh is never wrong, but for a lasting impression, preserved arrangements have a lot to go for it. Not only do they last, but they are works of art displaying thought and skill – the skill of the florist and the thought of you who chose the bouquet to express your feelings. And later, should there be trouble in paradise, such memento of happier times could just be the kind of curve-ball thrown in to rescue the situation. Something she didn’t see coming, and there it is, a reminder of the still good things now and forecasting better things to come.  

    This being said you may have gained the impression that preserved flowers add something of an artistic element, transcending the usual routine of floral arrangements and bouquets, and you would be right. Not everybody can make preserved flowers and create something worth to look at.

    There is more to it than just craft and skills. I know of a modern poet who recommended that young wannabe poets should start out with poems on flowers.

    It is really a test of talent. But how much more so when flowers become the very material of such expression, a floral sculpture, not lasting for ever, of course, but certainly longer than a Tibetan Mandela (sand picture).


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