Being Your Valentine

It is coming. We are still celebrating Chinese New Year – but Valentine’s is waiting for you at the end of it: the question! THE QUESTION! What do I give her for Valentine’s? What should it be? What that is not the usual run of the mill $100,000 diamond and sapphire bracelet with a Ferrari dressed with whipped cream on top?

I mean - don’t let me stop you if absolutely you must – the consequences are between you and your bankt. So downsizing to a toy car (symbol of a promise) and a Swavowsky glass – pardon me! – “crystal”-ware to dangle from her wrist could be a serious option – I am kidding. Or not! 

The problem lovers face is not the gift as such, or the price, but how to make it special, unique, out of this world – which doesn’t necessarily mean an extravagance or a holiday in the Maldives. And “out of” this world should only mean one thing for Valentine’s – something in reference of the little world between you two.

So, don’t feel obligated to only give roses but pick a flower that represents something – a memory of a funny incident, or something more intimate, a travel to the homeland of more exotic plants perhaps. Almost anything goes if it makes sense to the recipient – a single head of hydrangea could awake pleasant memories of your first holiday to the Cotswolds in England or an arrangement of cymbidium orchids could represent how exquisite she is to you. Perhaps even a lavish bouquet of dried flowers as a symbol of endurance and commitment.

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