Brownies have a curious reputation. We speak of earning “brownie points.” As far as I am concerned this can only mean everybody likes his brownie: chocolatey, sweet, dense and moist – what’s there not to like? Still, I have yet to hear of someone eating brownies by the square foot.

You could though! If you have the stomach for this. But brownies are filling. If you are out on a mountain hike and too early for breakfast being served, that’s what you should have in your backpack. Brownies taste particularly good with a little something in your backpocket flask. (I hope you don’t fill your canteen with that stuff. Because, if you do, you just may have a little problem.) So, backpack, good shoes, a comfortable sweater, a brimmed hat protecting from the sun, water in the canteen, Bourbon in the flask and enough brownies to carry you over to lunch and you’re all set. Enjoy the soft, mossy forest floor under your feet – so inviting for another snooze – and inhale the pine needle air from the firs and conifers. The birds don’t make a racket, it is very quiet – hollering causes a wide-ranging echo, so if you have company and talk you absolutely must, do it in a whisper. …

That doesn’t sound right, right? Where in Singapore can you find a pine and conifer forest, especially on a frosty morning with squirrels just rising to poke out for little kernels for breakfast from underneath the scales of a pinecone?

Well, perhaps Singapore’s Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources – or would it be the NEA? It would have something to do with the SGP (Singapore’s Green Plan; Singaporeans and their addiction to ABVs – abbreviations). Last time I checked, the Ministry was still working on the squirrels and the fir trees, not to mention the frosty mornings. And do I hear the department chiefs in their infinite wisdom even considering wild boars – – –? Hm! That would be interesting. Anyway, the brownies you can get already, from our chef, the wild haired man (freshly married) brandishing the long palette knife in our kitchen. I can assure you, he is good at that. (And yes, the brandishing too.)

But, seriously, if you want to enjoy a good brownie, eat it in a cold place (A/C), have it warmed up, if that is your thing (it’s not mine), with a generous lashings of whipped cream and – – what was it again you carry in your flask?

Live a little: be decadent.

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