Getting Even on Mother's Day

So here is your chance to get even – at last! Just a little anyway. 

Let’s establish a basic fact. Mothers dropped in onto this planet as creatures of a different race. I should know, I had a Jewish mother. Mothers are mothers but mine was an especially apt impersonation of these specimens in general. How do we recognise a mother? Not by the comments she is passing – everybody passes comments on something or other; not by the disapproving frown – who wouldn’t frown with disapproval on muddy footsteps on a freshly beaten carpet; not by the quizzical look over somebody else’s shoulder at the most inappropriate time possible – okay, so, that is a mother’s hallmark. 

But what sets mothers apart is something they have in common with the birds: they hover! No matter how advanced in age you are, no matter where you live, they will find you and make a sudden appearance. That’s a mother for you – after giving birth and cleaning sh***y diapers and worrying about your conduct at school and, finally, having to let you go with that girl or boy who’s not quite suitable. And what are you going to do about it?

Well, come Mother’s Day, it’s payback* time. Get even with a bouquet, with chocolates, with … well anything. Smother her in sweetness until she can’t lift her sticky little feet.

*Look through our website for payback options. If you prefer, call or e-mail us! Products are available for delivery throughout Singapore

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