Getting Ready for Chinese New Year

Christmas and New Year is already a matter of the past. It is 2017 and a not-at-all “trumped” up feeling of foreboding. We all feel it — the economy could be doing better. The writer of this has to confess that this had been niggling from underneath for quite a while.  My wife has gone out of her way not to make me feel like this but I wasn’t at my best with her, and she especially didn’t deserve this. After all it is our motto to “make someone happy”. 

So everybody tunes up for Chinese New Year as the beginning for a hopefully successful business year despite the forebodings. Business will pick up — it’s the year of the rooster and that fellow is noisy and on a high vantage point. That’s what we like to believe. I, myself, deal even with a bigger bird, it’s called “cold turkey” and belongs to the annual new year resolutions – quit smoking, drinking less, that sort of thing. My resolution is a bit different but falls under the same category of things required to quit. (Chess! If you must know!) And with that out of the system, our little concession at i12 Katong, Basement 1, is ready for business. 

Dawn has posted new seasonal floral arrangements and gift baskets on our website to be ready for the 28th of January.  So, have a look at our website and make your choice! 

But don’t, by any means, feel restricted by the occasion. There are people around us deserving of a little attention simply just because. That’s what Confetti Gifts is all about.


Gong Xi Fa Cai, or if you prefer: 恭喜發財


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