Gifts for No Reason At All!

Aren't they just the best? Maybe it's the surprise and how it catches you unexpectedly. Perhaps it's knowing that someone is thinking of you even though they might be all tied up with work and life. Whatever the reason might be, receiving these "just because" presents easily puts smiles on faces and uplifts the lowest moods.

There's a time and place for grand gestures, of course, but we've also crafted lots of little floral gifts that pack a punch in the "thinking of you" department but is very easy on the wallet.

Little glasses of flowers

We have vases of mini dried flowers, for example, using sprigs of eucalyptus, lavender, baby's breath, caspia, statice and cereal that'll look great on office desks.

There are also kraft-paper cones of roses and baby's breath that are a favourite with princesses who love all things girly and pretty.

You might also want to adorn someone's door knob with one of our upside down dried flower bouquets. Believe it or not, we used to put together these little posies to decorate our own big black flower chiller at the flower bar. It never occured to us there'd be a demand for these until customer after customer came asking if they could buy the bouquets!

Recently, we've started crafting preserved floral magnets. These cutesy miniature bouquets are quite perfect for cooking enthusiasts who spend lots of time in the kitchen! Another thing that might please the homebody are our scent bombs -- a large fistful of lavender buds wrapped in pretty fabric -- great to fragrance small spaces like closets, cars, drawers and wardrobes.

We don't usually put these small little trinkets on our website but you'll definitely see them on our Instagram account so be sure to follow us there. For those who live in Singapore's east, drop by our flower bar in i12 Katong to pick up these little treasures.


P.S. Most of these items are really wallet-friendly and cost less than $20. Told you they're a deal!

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