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Greeting Cards

Handmade designs, hand written calligraphy, folding cards – we have them all. Especially 3D folding cards can be fun: laundry lines, hearts, carousels, butterflies, magic birds – it leaves the mind enchanted and throws a lifeline to the child inside you. (In all seriousness: whatever ingenuity you possess, it comes from the child in you. Keep it alive and happy). We also print on a simple grey card your personal messages for the bouquets and arrangements of your choice. And that is the point, isn’t it? The message has to be personal and unique. No matter what the occasion might be: joyful or sad, a reminder of past happiness, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, expressing concern or condolences, apologizing for the kind...

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Preserved Flowers Q&A

Here's a little Q&A with Dawn on preserved flora, drying techniques and what makes our product a little different from the rest of the pack. All are questions that we've had from customers over the months. Enjoy! Michael: What’s the difference between “dried and “preserved” flowers? Dawn: That’s a great question! The term “dried flowers” refer to almost everything you see on the market. Most florists have a practical side to drying flowers. It is a good way to use overbloomed specimens destined for the bin by simply turning them upside down to prevent the further drooping of the flower head and waiting for the materials to turn crisp and dry. Here at Confetti, we procure our flowers for the...

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We all know what it means to sit in the dog-house. Forgetting your anniversary – and I am looking at you, Sir – is a surefire way to share the bunk with Lassie in her shack. I hope the dog likes you. I don’t know the statistics, but, apparently, men are more likely to forget anniversaries than women, so it is a good idea to keep this day in your calendar. Don’t even think about showing it to her — she may think less of you for doing that — when all you are is being careful. So the day approaches, and guess what? You do remember the day but you have just no idea how to make the customary...

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