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The Right Flowers for the Right Occasion

The Right Flowers for The Right Occasion July 4, 2016 admin Leave a comment Joyous? Solemn? Reflective? Professional? What word best describes your next event? We ask because so frequently people come into the Confetti Gifts shop bewildered at the range of floral decorations on offer, and not sure if they’re sending the right message with one they like the look of. Discovering the underlying emotion of the day – be it a mournful remembrance, or a wild, energetic business celebration – is the key to finding the right flowers to help set the mood. How long they’ll be in the room, where and what time of day will all contribute to finding the right arrangement. Do you want them to perfume the...

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A More Meaningful Way to Give

Too often we think so little of what we give our friends and families. A movie, a book you made a judgement on based on the title, some cheap, store-bought chocolate; all of these are given too casually. Gifts should both be remembered and the way to be remembered. The tradition of giving rings at engagement or marking certain anniversaries with prescribed presents means that every time the recipient looks at it, they remember that happy moment. That’s why a Game of Thrones DVD boxset or the latest thriller novel isn’t going to stick in someone’s mind. When you’re truly thankful, or truly sympathetic, or truly ecstatic for someone’s success, show it in an appropriate way. That doesn’t mean spending...

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