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Crazy About Cotton

September spells the start of cotton boll season again. For months, we have managed to tide over our customers with the fluffy stuff (with some interruptions now and again) but it’s always lovely to receive a fresh season’s delivery. We’ve been working hard to prime these gorgeous dried seed heads — getting rid of the withered husky exterior that so loves to cling stubbornly to the clouds of white. Then, coaxing each boll into its final shape. It’s a lot to do but it’s something that really shows off the fibre from the calyx. We do adore transforming oohs to wows! :) We completely understand the charm of these little balls of woolly white; they’re really the epitome of versatility....

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Preserved Flowers Q&A

Here's a little Q&A with Dawn on preserved flora, drying techniques and what makes our product a little different from the rest of the pack. All are questions that we've had from customers over the months. Enjoy! Michael: What’s the difference between “dried and “preserved” flowers? Dawn: That’s a great question! The term “dried flowers” refer to almost everything you see on the market. Most florists have a practical side to drying flowers. It is a good way to use overbloomed specimens destined for the bin by simply turning them upside down to prevent the further drooping of the flower head and waiting for the materials to turn crisp and dry. Here at Confetti, we procure our flowers for the...

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Prolonging the Life of Your Flowers

Only ten minutes ago, somebody came into our shop — a young man with a strong American accent, who clocked me as being British, and asked whether we do the preservation of flowers. What he was looking for was to have the bridal bouquet of his upcoming wedding mummified, so to speak, and preserved for all eternity. What a lovely idea and needless to say the Japanese (who else?!) are doing this sort of thing for some time already. Well, we at Confetti are not there yet. Maybe in the future we will do this as well, but in order to sell fresh cut flowers every florist must know how to prolong the life of the flowers in his care....

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