The Way to Make Someone Happy in Singapore

At Confetti Gifts, our team starts every day with one goal – to brighten someone’s day just a little bit. ‘Make Someone Happy’ is our slogan for a reason, and it’s a philosophy that shapes every one of our decisions.

What makes people happy? Something beautiful, or delicious, or cuddly, or something that reminds them of their home, their friends or their family. Our store was founded on two ideas: that handcrafted is always better than factory-made, and you know your loved ones better than anyone. That’s why our range is so diverse. We’re not just a florist, a baker, or a gift shop; we’re all three and more. We try to balance quality and range, giving you the widest possible selection of excellent products.

Because everyone’s accomplishments are worth celebrating properly

Walk down any row of greeting cards, and you’d think there wasn’t much more to celebrate in people’s lives than birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. We know that there’s a lot more that deserves recognition in our lives, so we offer custom orders to our customers, regardless of the size.

One of the more memorable recent occasions we helped out at was a couple of book launches for which we supplied small, one-kilogram cakes, just large enough for the author and their friends and family. In addition, you don’t have to be a millionaire to have a happy celebration; our goods are all competitively priced, so more people in Singapore can make their occasions the right way. When you’ve done something extraordinary or want to show someone how much they mean to you, do it with Confetti.

The Confetti difference

While you may be able to find an okay mass-produced gift in store, it won’t have any of the romance or uniqueness or authenticity of something handmade. That’s why when we launched Confetti, we wanted to make as much on-site at our Jalan Sultan location as possible. We’re perfectionists, so you can expect everything to look, taste and smell perfect out of the box. If there’s anything wrong with your order, please let us know immediately and we’ll correct it as soon as possible with our deepest apologies.

Make your order online today, or send us an email with any questions at You can also call and speak to our staff directly on (65) 6284 0284.

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