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In case you wish to send flowers to someone abroad, say in California, we recommend Leaf & Clay, and in the UK The blue Carrot. In New York there is Hessney and Saipua, all of them, we feel, are local stand alone florists, showing a certain affinity to our own take on floristry and design. That's why in France Les Fleurs Dupont and Blooms have caught our eye and in Belgium there is Fleuropean. Germans have remarkable flourists too: go to Bloomage Daydream, and believe or not, in Moscow at Oliviafloristic and Stereoflowers they do appreciate good bouquets to go with their Beluga and Stolichnaya. Closer to home in Seoul we really like the work of Vaness Flower and Saison Fleurie, in Australia Buds & Flowers and Blossom & Fern, and in New Zealand Field of Roses.

Such a survey of prime florists would be unacceptable without the inclusion of Japan. In Tokyo there are F Plus and eCloaks. We keep looking and keep you posted.

For more general information go to Martha Stewart or check out the weekend sections of the New York Times, The Guardian, Die Zeit, Los Angeles Times and Le Monde. Locally there is The Straits Times.

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