Garnet Plus

Garnet Plus

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Does it surprise anyone that Christmas, for us, centres around food and family? Take this jewel-toned arrangement. What does it remind us of? Pomegranates, of course. The stuff that, as children, we dug into greedily leaving a trail of happy, sticky juice dripping up our arms. Here's to kids enjoying Christmas this year as much as we always enjoyed ours.

Featured item measures approximately 25 cm tall.

Please indicate the name of the silk or linen bear to be delivered with the arrangement.

If a flower or an item pictured is unavailable for any reason, we will substitute this for a flower or an item of the same or higher monetary value and in a similar style and colour. Please note as with all natural products there may be slight variances in colour. If you have specific requirements for your bouquet, please call us to let us know. When you receive your bouquet, we recommend unpacking it, cutting the stems and displaying them in fresh water, in a cool room.