Whilst a gift of food is always welcome, a basket stuffed with delectable, handcrafted bakes and cookies along with gourmet jam, specialty tea and coffee is a gift to be cherished and savoured!

At Confetti, we make sure that all confections are made fresh and in small batches. They are tasty because they are filled with real stuff, good stuff like eggs, butter, milk, cream, 58% dark chocolate, genuine fruit puree... The things we make are things we would eat ourselves.

The items we don't make in our own kitchens are properly scrutinised to ensure what ingredients are used, how they're put together and if the product "would this pass our lips" test.

Since everyone has different and unique tastes, preferences, needs and what they can tolerate, we welcome chatting with our customers should they need to modify our list of goodies. Just pick up the phone or write us an e-mail and we will be delighted to make the necessary accommodations.

E-mail us for a list of all our Gourmet Boxes and Baskets today!

Keep up with what we’re doing by following us on Facebook and Instagram. Come by our shop, watch us as we work on flower and cake orders, see an even wider range of products not yet available here. Don’t be a stranger!

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