We love fresh flowers as much as everyone else. However, we also understand the constraints that our Singapore weather puts on us. It was this in mind that we began preserving and drying flowers. Unsurprisingly, customers came back and brought friends along. Within a span of a few months, we learnt new techniques to process a wide range of dried flowers.

How do we do it? We start with nature's very best of the season - sumptuous blooms, architectural shoots and branches, dramatic foliage and unusual seed pods. We take these fine materials and process them to preserve their transient beauty and prolong the beauty that doesn't just involve the typical "bunch 'em and turn 'em upside down" technique.

After these precious flora have been properly dried and preserved,  we combine them to create pretty delicate posies, elegant centrepieces, lush sumptuous bouquets, and opulent majestic showstoppers -- all in our trademark "fresh from the flower garden" look.

Every piece is designed to delight its recipient; it is bespoke, unique. Entrust our expert florist to decide on the choicest materials from the blooms to be used to the vases in which to put them in. You are, however, invited to discuss design with us. Contact us by phone or online and we will be very happy to discuss your requirements to make something unforgettable. Even better, drop by our flower bar located in i12 Katong for a browse and a chat! 

We deliver throughout Singapore. Get in touch should you need something delivered urgently.

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