Preserved and dried flowers and foliage are delicate botanicals that will, when taken care of properly, last you months and months even in our tropical weather. Much of the public are under the misguided notion that preserved blooms are simply left to dry out by hanging upside down or in the vase. We know better.

We employ a variety of techniques in trying to get the most out of every transient blossom; our aim is to bring to you an alternative here in Singapore -- dried flowers, foliage and seed heads -- that are still full of life, beauty and colour; a truly sustainable and eco-friendly option to fresh flowers.

This collection was created so that you have the option of having a single species in your vase, or if you're feeling creative and like to try your hand at dried flower arrangement by selecting a few of your favourite varieties of flowers, foliage, seedheads, cereals and grasses. Everything you see here is available for online delivery throughout Singapore. Get in touch should you need something delivered urgently.

If you'd like something bespoke or tailor-made to the preferences of your recipient, just remember that you only have to ask! Contact us by phone or online and we will be very happy to discuss your requirements to make something unforgettable. 

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