About Us

Who We Are
We are a husband and wife team offering products we love ourselves -- items that are principally handmade offered through personable and attentive service. We’re obsessed about getting things right, and every care and attention goes into each product we offer.

What We Do
We specialise in gifts, predominantly handcrafted. We believe that Nature speaks in many ways and our striking flowers are designed to captivate and delight the senses. Our florist is meticulous to create something meaningful and spectacular for every occasion. 

We had a lightbulb moment in our third year of business: dried flowers. Tropical Singapore is typically not ideal for cut flowers. Yet, having travelled and experienced the world, our customers came home wanting to have the fragile beauty of temperate blooms right in their homes and, so, we started offering a sustainable solution by introducing a small selection of dried flowers that we preserved ourselves. Today, in our various outposts throughout the island, some say we have the most extensive range of dried and preserved flowers, foliage and seedheads in Singapore.

We still do most of the work ourselves although we have added to our growing collection of dried flowers from Spain, Italy, Israel and the Netherlands.

Apart from the typical dried and preserved flowers that you'll usually find in many florists like roses, baby's breath, caspia and eucalyptus, we also offer more unusual choices like peonies, banksias, liatrice, carnations, veronica, cereals such as wheat, oat, barley, grasses like foxtails, pampas, as well as lotus seedheads and eucalyptus seeds and berries. The list runs long and seems endless. We don't stock everything all the time so there are various lead times necessary for us to prepare the product.

Our selection of gifts are carefully chosen and procured from producers who are skilled craftspeople in their field of work. Each item would be a creation borne of tradition, technique, creativity, passion and exacting care. Every finished object is unique, and fashioned to captivate and savoured.