Indigo Clouds

Indigo Clouds

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Featuring shades of purple, indigo and violet with highlights of white, these puffs of cotton and stems of strawflowers and lavender are a feast of not only colour but texture as well. 

Preserved using the season's finest blooms, sculptural and distinct arrangements are the hallmark of these looks. Measuring between 25 and 28 cm in diameter, these flowers will be exquisite standing on a dining table, buffet or entryway.

Every piece is designed to delight its recipient; it is bespoke, unique. Our expert florist decides on the choicest materials to be used. Rest easy knowing that your bouquet will reflect on the Indigo Clouds theme. Contact us by phone or online and we will be very happy to discuss your requirements to make something unforgettable. Even better, drop by our flower bar located in i12 Katong for a browse and a chat! 

When you receive your bouquet, we recommend treating it with care as dried flowers are delicate. Place it in a cool, dry area avoiding moisture and direct sunlight. If so desired, add fragrance by sprinkling essential oils but avoid the cotton branches. It is in the nature of dried and preserved flowers, foliage and seedheads to fade and shed.

* Item pictured is for illustrative purposes only.